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The teaching
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The lessons

Every one is welcome, no separation in age or level.Advanced and beginners are sharing the place.Everyone is here to practice and learn the art.During a lesson, we do together or alone, depends on the purposals.

Everyone goes at his rythm in the apprenticeship of the movments.You will start with the «8 Movments», and the yang style form.Qi Gongs ( static position) are part of the aknowledgment.

Thanks for coming in a with casual and confortable clothes (plain preferently)          

The teaching, the lessons

-The eight Movments-

    Matthieu Bréjoin teaches Tai chi chuan since 2006 in Le Mans. He learns from Patrick Loisel since 2002, throught weekly lessons and seminars (Tai chi chuan and Qi gong mainly)

    The teaching is traditionnal.