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Yang Luchan (1799-1872 ),farmer son’s heard of the Art of the Chen family and decided to learn it.He managed working for them as a waitor and studied alone, until Chen Changxing discovers him.

He was surprise by his way and took him as a pupil.Yang Luchan came back home and teaches his knowledge.


The Art get afterwards different styles.Nowerdays we have severals styles and lots of schools.

  -Chen Style, fonded by Chen Wanting.

The older, speedy and slow, lots of variations.

-Wu Style, fonded by Wu Jianquan.

Movments are close to the body, very used in taïwan, Hong Kong, brasil and Shangaï.very popular.

It’s impossible to give precisly an origine of Tai Chi Chuan, Masters didn’t wrote their

A tale says, that it starts in the XII centuary, from a taoist monk named Zhen Sanfang.after a maditation he saw  a snake and a bird fighting.This battle inspires him.               

A second tale says that it would have been introduce in the Honan by Wang Tsungyue, under the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).It would have beend secretly transmetted until Chen Changxing ( 1771-1853).

This master put the knowledge outside his familly Chen with Yang Luchan.

Chen Changxing

Yang Luchan

-Style Guo Weizhen.

Disciple of Li Yixu (1833-1892) and de Wu Yuxiang (1812-1880), Guo Weizhen (1849-1920) changes his form,double the number of movments.The movmeents are shorter, and quicker than in Wu

-Sun Style, fonded by Sun Lutang, (1860-1932)

Disciple of Guo Weizhen. He mixed the three arts he was expert of : Pa kua chuan, Hsing I Chuan et Tai Chi Chuan. Very efficient school but not very known actually.

Yang Chen Fu

  At least, Yang style, fonded par Yang Chen Fu (1883-1936)

Most known, and most used in china

Fonded by Yang Luchan (1799 -1872), a Chen Changxing (1771-1853) disciple.The style has been modified by his grand son Yang Chen fu (1883-1936), how realy democraties Tai chi chuan.

...Bites of history